You need more than your eyes to find melanoma early!

Over the Thanksgiving dinner table, a physician friend shared their experience with melanoma after learning about our mission.  He told us that:

“He had a relatively small, pink, perfectly round border and relatively flat lesion on his upper arm for a few years.  Because he’s a golfer, this past August,  he decided to have his first skin check at his local Dermatologist.  The appointment took 5 weeks to get in.  The Dermatologist Just “looked” around, burned off a few questionable spots and when it came to the pink lesion, the Dermatologist wasn’t impressed and was going to leave it.  My friend insisted he take it off.  He said he didn’t know why….just a feeling…

It was a 3+ mm Melanoma that had “vertical” growth.  He had a pretty sizable chunk removed from his arm and now has to have a Pet Scan every year for the next 3 years.”

We are surprised at how few dermatologists use dermoscopy to look into the skin with reflected light or have delegated the screening to their PA or RNP. This is evident by the number of US Physicians that belong to the American Dermoscopy Association (350 last look) and the 15,500 members in the International Dermoscopy Society.  The dermatologist all over the world uses this valuable technology to find melanoma early.  Isn’t it time for our American Dermatologist to embrace a technology that has been proven in published articles to double the ability to detect melanoma early and reduce the number of normal biopsies by 50%?  Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging (SDDI) requires a baseline image in order to perform a side-by-side comparison.  DermDetect will help your doctor to install and successfully use the DermEngine with our staffing agreement that is proven to create passive income while we train them.  If you as a patient introduce us to your doctor and they bring this technology to their practice, you will get free screenings for the entire time we service your doctor.  Contact us now so we can help others.

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