Benefits of Employee Screening

One person dies of melanoma every half hour in the US. If you have 100 employees, chances are that one of them has melanoma and does not even know it. When detected and treated early the cure rate is about 98%; however, once a melanoma lesion grows to thicker than 0.5mm chances of survival decline rapidly.

DermDetect is changing the way skin cancer is diagnosed in the US by working for the employee or individual before they become a patient. The screenings take just 15-20 minutes and can be done at your location or at one of our offices nationwide. We provide everyone with a secure HIPAA compliant APP that has all their images and a portal to connect with our expert doctors for a Virtual Consult that most insurance policies will reimburse the $120 fee.

When an employee gets melanoma there are many costs to consider:

  • * Loss of productivity
    • * Due to appointments and treatments
    • * Due to depression
  • * Increased costs of healthcare (as much as $1M dollars over the course of the disease)
  • * In the worst case, hiring and training a replacement

For the cost of just $15 per month/employee first year and then only $10 per month, you can have peace of mind knowing that when an employee does get melanoma, it will be caught early which is better for them and better for you. The cost is a fraction of the cost of just one employee having melanoma. Also, the goodwill that your employees will feel toward their employer knowing that they are being cared for. 

DermDetect uses several technologies to image and document the health of your skin. It starts with Full Body Imaging (FBI) where several images are acquired in standardized poses to document every spot or mole on your body and map them to an avatar. In follow-up screenings, the AI will aid in identifying new spots. Only 20-30% of the time melanoma comes from an existing mole, the other 70% just appear. Annual Screenings are recommended!

Next, our trained Dermographer will closely examine the skin to look for any spots that do not match your normal mole pattern. Then, close-up clinical pictures are acquired followed by dermoscopic images that allow us to see "into" the mole. The images are synced with our cloud using the same high-level security as your bank. The images and reports are easily accessible using our free app. This information can also be easily shared with your physician and used for comparison while monitoring for changes. This is the best "Patient-centric" medicine practice!


Intelligent Dermatology is NEW to the US and widely embraced around the world with over one million screened!

The US Healthcare requires a fee for service that is billed using a CPT code. Until there is a code, doctors must charge cash and only the most wealthy patients get the latest technology. Most private practice dermatologists will charge $500-$1000 per year for their staff to perform the same procedure that DermDetect charges only $149. This saves the employer and helps the employee maintain better health!

Since it is the employer that benefits from the savings in healthcare costs, we ask that they provide the benefit and pay for the ASCS with money that is saved by providing the very best care.

DermDetect services include direct Telederm with our dermatologists and we increase your awareness of skin cancer with our training webinars and newsletters. Click here: to see our online registration portal.

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DermDetect has joined with the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Knight Cancer Institute to advance skin cancer research as part of research collaboration. With your OHSU consent, you can donate your Advanced Skin Cancer Screening (ASCS) data to OHSU’s research efforts. The collaboration’s goal is to collect data from over 100,000 consenting recipients of ASCSs in a groundbreaking effort focused on early detection of skin cancer to improve survival rates.