Why is DermDetect doing this?

DermDetect's mission is to support the development and delivery methodologies and technologies to detect melanoma and other skin cancers earlier, improve overall survival rates, expand skin cancer awareness and screening to everyone.

The company founders know first hand the difficulty in accurately reading dermoscopy and recognized that with DICOM/PACS we could provide access to the Academic Dermatologist.  We all want access to the best doctors!

The best imaging technology comes from Germany and Visiomed quickly became the technology of choice by thousands of dermatologist around the world.  Sadly, here in the USA, very few systems were purchased by American Dermatologists.

When the founders reviewed the image quality with Dr. Sancy Leachman, we all became very excited about the potential to use the DICOM images to achieve "machine learning" and the collaboration began.

DermDetect is "data collection" for the collaboration and we are looking for "participants" that may have skin cancer and need to detect it early.  70% of America does not see a Dermatologist and yet they are the most likely to find skin cancer and only biopsy the lesions that need it.

Primary Care uses the biopsy to diagnose skin cancer and they are 30% more likely to perform a surgical biopsy that is not skin cancer.  While medical insurance pays for the cost of the biopsy, and not the screening, at approximately $500 per biopsy, American Doctors are performing the biopsy as the primary method for diagnosing melanoma.  Most medical specialties require that images are taken and reviewed by an expert prior to surgical biopsy.  "Thus the true effect of 1000 additional biopsies is likely to be between 6.9 and 12.6 extra cases of melanoma diagnosed."

The Full Body Imaging(FBI) is a quick and cost-effective screening that will benefit everyone.  The Dermographer is skilled at finding "ugly ducklings" that would benefit from the Advanced Skin Cancer Screening (ASCS) or by 10x dermoscopy performed by a local dermatologist.  Participants are invited to join the collaboration only if they need dermoscopy.  The advantages of the ASCS include:

  • 100% Non-invasive and safe
  • 10-15 minute to complete
  • 3-5 day for a signed report by Academic Dermatologist.  All Green codes and you need routine follow-up for 12 months.
  • Any image that requires immediate attention by a medical professional is color-coded RED and is of value to the collaboration.
  • D-200EVO images are the highest quality and not available in most dermatology practices due to the high cost and low reimbursements.
  • Standard dermoscopy is 10x and D-200 EVO starts at 15X and can magnify up to 200 x!

Each participant signs a consent and release prior to the FBI or ASCS.  Every ASCS includes the FBI.


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