Why I am a Dermographer

"This is so important to me to honor my dad."  Debbie's father died from melanoma and she is committed to helping others.

"It is amazing to look inside the skin!  I take great images and having an academic dermatologist that color code, takes all the pressure off of me.  I have never been scolded for sending any image to be read.  Green = Routine Follow-up, and RED = Immediate Attention.  Isn't that all anyone needs to know?  Do you need to see a Dermatologist?  Finding skin cancer early is a great profession!"

"I really care about people.  My goal is to make everyone feel comfortable while we make sure that every lesion and any area that they are concerned about getting an image that is clear and the highest quality".

Dermoscopy is very complex and not easily taught.  Pattern recognition, experience, and that gut feeling are what makes our readers your best option.

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