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Seventy percent of all skin cancer is discovered by the patient. And since skin cancer is the biggest (most common) of all cancers, employers benefit the most from our services!

Skin Cancer is able to be seen with the unaided human eye. By then it may be too late!

When we started DermDetect in 2016, one American died from melanoma every hour. Now it is every half hour!

The Skin Cancer Foundation provides a valuable service by publishing the scientific data and urging Americans to look for skin cancer with self-exam. They remind us that "New" or "Changing Spots" or any spot that is "Unusual" is part of "The Big See" and then they provide links to "Find a Dermatologist". There are NONE in my area! I rely on the Advanced Skin Cancer Screening and Telederm connections to experts using the APP on my smartphone.

Get screened today for 0.35 cents per day over a five year connection.

"50% improvement in early detection of melanoma in-situ and we can cut the number of surgical biopsies by half when you use our SDDI. We get our employers to share a SKLIP dermoscopy attachment so they can loan it to any employee with a smartphone so they can look for changes!

If there are no changes, there is no need to biopsy! "

Lawrence Findleton

We Can Help

Finding changes on our skin is much easier with our help! We use our smartphones to access our banking, call our contacts, take and store pictures, map our journeys, watch movies, etc.

Now we have Intelligent Dermatology and DermDetect brings it to your employees!

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Map your health!

Intelligent Dermatology uses artificial intelligence to map your spots so together we can find change early!

3D Avatar helps us navigate to that spot to see a high-resolution image of the spot and an ultra-high-resolution image of inside the spot! The date of the image is documented so now we can compare it to today's images and look for changes!

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Images of Undergarments and skin!

Dermographers with special cross-polarized LED imaging and colored backdrops obtain precision images of all your skin. The repeat poses use special "ghost" alignment for the A.I. to stack your mole's side by side and find any new spots!

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