We make it simple look for change before a biopsy

Published research says that if a mole is not changing it should be considered benign. It makes sense to use the best imaging to look for changes. (reprints on request)

There are countless papers that prove that dermoscopy is far superior to the human eye.

I have witnessed a room full of dermatologists tested for their ability to diagnose, and consistently, 30% of them get the wrong answer! I was sitting beside an expert that got them all right.

The very fact that 70% were correct is evidence that the clues are in the image and that if the reader is skilled, or A.I. is perfected, we can achieve near-perfect results. If this same exam were given to Primary Care, PA’s, NP, or M.A.’s the results would be 50/50!

The consequence of a “false negative” can be death. A “false positive” results in a “happy ending” when the biopsy comes back negative.

However, when a biopsy is negative, you still have the scar, the anxiety during the wait for results, and the $500 medical expense!

It has been published that we perform as many as 500 biopsies on our children to diagnose one melanoma! There has to be a better way!

Back to the beginning: Sequential Digital Dermoscopic Imaging (SDDI) is a complicated term for the simple side-by-side display of two or more dermoscopy images taken 30-90 days apart. Look for changes and if there are none, it is benign and no biopsy!

DermEngine and DermDetect are needed to perform SDDI.

DermEngine provides a powerful workstation that uses A.I. to retrieve and align the images for a speedy result. With “Flicker” the software places the first image in a stack of later images to play a movie. The first time we perform SDDI, you see A/B, A,B. The next time you see A/B/C and seeing the change is quite simple for the patient and the provider. Their software is available to dermatologists and DermDetect.

DermDetect captures the baseline images needed to perform SDDI. Our academic dermatologists alert us by color-coding any suspicious spot as RED.

Before you get a biopsy on the RED, we want to perform SDDI and see if there is any growth using dermoscopy and our A.I. tools. Call us and we will perform SDDI for you for FREE in the first 90 days after your ASCS. It takes less than 5 minutes in our office.

Introduce us to your healthcare provider and we will provide them with FREE access to DermEngine so that together you both can look for growth. It only takes them two minutes during your next visit. We do need to certify them and they need a SKLIP.

We will provide the SKLIP

Once your doctor sees how easy this is to perform, we believe they will want all of their patients to get the ASCS so they can avoid unnecessary biopsy in the future!

When a business provides the ASCS to their employee, we believe that they will save more in preventing unnecessary biopsies then it cost to provide the benefit of the ASCS to their employees! All employees that complete the ASCS get the APP that helps them become a “Skin Checker” and now they can connect with our academic dermatologists for a teledermatology session that most insurance companies will reimburse!

Early detection, expert advice, powerful APP, employee engagement in improved healthcare, 100% non-invasive, and less than 30 minutes! Please call us today to learn how simple we make it for you.

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