We are compelled to improve wellness by early detection of skin cancer.

In 2016, while attending the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Denver, Colorado, my business partner and I met Alexander Witkowski, MD. He was demonstrating the advantages of digital dermoscopy for the early detection of skin cancer. The primary benefit being non-invasive imaging like Con-focal Microscopy. Alexander studied with Dr. Pelacani in Modena, Italy, where he mastered identifying the discrete patterns and complex variation always seen in dermoscopy. Together we envisioned a robust network that would enable experts (like him) to quickly read images remotely and benefit patients’ care locally.
My partner and I had achieved success doing this with Positron Emission Tomography using DICOM/PACS with mobile PET scanners. Dermatology would be easy! So we thought…
I won’t pontificate on all the expensive mistakes and failures during the past five years.
Elon Musk says’s “failure is irrelevant unless it is catastrophic.” He also invests his own assets and believes in the “Pull” strategy of success through customer satisfaction.
In 2019, DermDetect and MetaOptima became strategic partners. Both companies were created on the same principles and shared the same end goal. MetaOptima successfully raised capital from international investors to employ a powerful innovator team for a dedicated cloud network solution. They launched their technology in Australia and New Zealand. They listened to their customers to satisfy their requests for ease of use. Today they have customers all around the world. We are leading the charge in the U.S.
Today, DermEngine has well over a one-million patient database and leads the world with A.I. technology dedicated to dermoscopy. The world embraces this technology and uses it to lower healthcare costs and improve patient care. Two of the largest Primary Care Groups in Australia employ the DermEngine cloud to improve early detection and save lives. It is time for America to engage!
Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D., is the Co-founder of our Advanced Skin Cancer Screening protocol and has devoted countless hours to our shared vision. She wisely recruited Dr. Alexander Witkowski, and now he is the primary reader for our new national program! We are finally ready for Portland and then all of the U.S.
The Medical Assistants at OHSU will play an essential role in supporting the Provider to help the patient they care about to embrace this significant change.
In the U.S., 70% of all skin cancer is detected first by the patient, who then sees their Primary Care Physician before the referral to a Dermatologist. The PCP is our market. Rather than teach them to be as good as Alexander, our cloud technology with DermEngine solves that problem and reduces the number of biopsies by half! We all understand the advantages of “Patient-Centric” medicine that expands the patient’s role in their healthcare experience. The MoleScope APP is included to see and share their results to improve self-checks and take images to strengthen Alexander’s teledermatology experience. He considers the entire set of baseline images. This even includes the well-documented advantage of Total Body Photography. “Full Body Imaging” uses the latest A.I. to simplify and get the patient to help us find changes early.

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