Top 10 Reasons to get screened

Anyone can get skin cancer, however, some people are more susceptible than others.

Here are the top 10 Risk Factors to consider:

  1. Fair Skin
  2. A history of sunburns
  3. Excessive sun exposure
  4. Tanning Salon Use
  5. Sunny or high-altitude climate
  6. Exposure to radiation or cancer-causing substances
  7. Multiple moles
  8. Pre-cancerous skin lesions
  9. A family history of skin cancer
  10. A weakened immune system

Skin cancer is not going to find itself and 37% of the human body requires a mirror to see it!

Demographers are trained to take high-resolution images and not make a diagnosis.  Here is the criteria for what they will image:

  • FBI includes 28 Images using a template for specific poses
  • Mole Map of suspicious lesions with close-up clinical for easy follow-up
  • ASCS requires a clinical and Epiluminence (ELM) paired image set
  • Every "Ugly Duckling"
  • Every lesion that the participant is concerned about
  • Recent scars from a previous biopsy or excision
  • 6 mm or larger moles

Note: The cost of taking a digital image is only the time that is taken to capture and upload.  The Academic Dermatologist are happy to color-code the image "Green" and have no financial incentive to code anything a RED.

The criteria for a RED is "would the academic dermatologist perform a service to you if they were seeing you in their clinic as their patient?"

A RED is not a diagnosis or the need for a biopsy!  It is entirely up to your local physician to choose how they manage you as their patient.

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