Let the FBI investigate your skin, find out for sure if you need to see a dermatologist.

Full Body Imaging(FBI) is similar to Total Body Photography (TBP); they both take and map images of your skin to look for changes over time.

How can you possibly see changes without a baseline image?

If you are at high risk of skin cancer, the TBP is part of your patient management.  Many patients get this performed every 90 days and annual screenings are the minimum if you are going to find skin cancer early.  The problem with this procedure is that the reimbursement is so low that many practices avoid it completely.  And then insurance companies require you to wait 24 months before they will approve and reimburse again.

Use your FSA/HSA and get your FBI for $99 at a convenient time and location.  The Dermographer will let you know if you need dermoscopy.  You then choose to use our Academic Dermaologist and ultra-high resolution imaging (ASCS) or go directly to your Dermatologist.  Either way, you are taking charge of your skin health and increase the likelihood of early detection.

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