Cross Platform Technology

Change is sometimes difficult and can be disruptive causing us to take two steps back to take one step forward!

Dermographers are certified, consistent, reliable, and available to perform the ASCS in any practice.  Hire us by the hour!

DermDetect will convert your patient records to DermEngine for you by performing the ASCS in your practice on your schedule.  We become your staff. You schedule, bill, collect, and we do all the rest. You are guaranteed passive income while your staff becomes trained on all the other powerful tools in DermEngine. Use our expert Dermographers to perform the ASCS, train you to use DermEngine for SDDI, and even customize your reports for your branding.

Here is how it works:

  1. Sign our staffing agreement
  2. You have no out of pocket expense!
  3. DermDetect installs your 50" Ultra-High Resolution Display in the designated new skin imaging room in your office. (One per location)
  4. Swivel mount for easy viewing by you and your patients
  5. Tri-Fold Brochures for patients of your practice
  6. Bookmark reminder of ASCS benefits
  7. Poster for weight check station informing about ASCS
  8. iPad Pro with ELM lens for DermEngine image acquisition
  9. DermEngine installed on all office PC, Laptops, Tablets, IOS
  10. Website assistance for ASCS

Our Dermographers wear your logo on their labcoat and perform as your staff.

You only pay us when we perform the ASCS on your patients.

We help you add your primary care referrals to your network. You become the reader of their ASCS while they earn passive income while improving the quality of care to their patients.

Staffing Service with Passive Income!

per hour (Contract required)
  • Perform 3 patients per hour - Intelligent Dermatology Installation included!
  • No out of pocket expense - DermDetect provides a turn-key solution in all your locations
  • No start-up period - Certified Dermogrpahers image your patients in your office, or
  • Your patients - Your office - Your Billing - Our staff and cloud technology or our office!
  • Your schedule - Your EMR - Our image storage and software or ours!
  • Your computer for our cloud access - Any platform - PC /Mac/Linux, tvOS (Apple TV), macOS
  • Your patients get our APP for any smartphone or tablet - iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android
  • Teledermatology Included - direct payment to you - your patients are connected
  • Online scheduling, registration, subscription plan, we provide a seamless integration.
  • Expand your network to your referral base - Use us to help grow your network
  • Schedule in all your offices - We use any exam room and we bring it all with us
  • Compatible with most digital dermoscopes - DermEngine provides advanced algorythms for image analytics
  • We schedule and provide our services using our offices. Or your office? Your choice!
  • We provide a Tri-Fold brochure with your service and preferences!

Deluxe Imaging Suite

DermDetect is a strategic partner with MetaOptima at the Enterprise level.  Let us help you upgrade your office to a state-of-the-art wireless digital imaging suite so now you can view the images with your patients.  After DermDetect captures and creates your patient record, our Dermographers will notify you when they see anything that requires your attention.  Easily view the images on your smartphone.  If you decide to see the patient, now you can easily capture another SDDI image and display the before and now image side-by-side on a 50" Ultra-high-resolution monitor in your office.  If you see changes, so does your patient!  If you do not see changes, avoid the biopsy and repeat the exam in 30, 60, or 90 days.

“The combination of dermoscopy and short‐term SDDI reduces the excision or referral of benign pigmented lesions by more than half while nearly doubling the sensitivity for the diagnosis of melanoma.”

Share the DermEngine with your patients