Intelligent Dermatology – Annual Subscription – Convenient charges to your card for annual screenings


$25.00 $22.00 / month and a $5.00 sign-up fee

SDDI sees change at the earliest moments.


DermEngine is the world’s most advanced data platform for imaging, analyzing and documenting skin conditions. It works seamlessly with MoleScope and other devices to help specialists diagnose skin problems better, evaluate treatment options and monitor their efficacy. Its revolutionary design provides seamless integration with current EMR/EHR systems and allows specialists to give first-class care with improved workflow and communication.  When DermDetect performs in your doctor’s office, the charge includes their reading and management fee.

Intelligent Dermatology uses the Sklip to perform digital dermoscopy on all significant lesions.  The Dermographer also captures close-up high-resolution clinical images so the DermEngine workstation can display them side-by-side for the Dermatologist.  If the Dermatologist sees you to evaluate a suspicious lesion, they can capture another image of the same spot and this is how we perform Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging (SDDI).  When a dermatologist performs SSDI their ability to detect melanoma in the earliest stages is doubled and your chance of getting a biopsy that was not needed is cut in half.  You must have a digital inventory of your skin for this technology work.

See changes in size, shape, color, or any new spots using the APP with a 3D avatar for easy navigation and viewing.
The annual FBI uses A.I. to help find changes early. Change is the best way to spot skin cancer early!