Full Body Imaging (FBI)

$9.99 / month

Full-Body-Imaging (FBI) uses “Dermographers” to capture the images quickly using the latest template-guided imaging and standardized poses.  Every mole is mapped so future exams can match, sort, and identify changes.  Your images are viewed on an APP on your smartphone that will help you look for changes and then email the image for an online consult.


Full-Body Imaging is an add-on feature that helps dermatologists evaluate skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, wound healing, and treatment processes. It aids with the detection of early signs of skin cancer and is valuable in avoiding unnecessary biopsies. It is the first smart, web-based system for capturing and analyzing full-body images, by storing images of different body parts and evaluating new or changing lesions. On your second screening, artificial intelligence helps to identify changes in size, color, shape, or even spot new lesions!