Full Body Imaging (FBI) – (Annual)


$400.00 $99.99 / year

Full-Body-Imaging (FBI) uses “Dermographers” to capture the images professionally using the latest template-guided imaging and standardized poses.  Every mole is mapped so future exams can match, sort, and identify changes.  Your images are viewed on an APP on your smartphone that will help you look for changes and then email the image for an online consult.



When you pay the annual fee, the price per day is only 27 cents!

Your monthly expense is only $8.33 compared to the $9.99 subscription fee.

Your Dermographer will take high-resolution images and help you access the included APP for your smartphone or tablet.

Introduce us to your doctor and we will provide FREE use of our powerful workstation to review your images. This is imaging only and your doctor and you review the results.  You must have a physician to review the images. No report – images only – App included.