ASCS – Sixth & Main Portland


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An Advanced Skin Cancer Screening (ASCS) is easy, pain-free, and takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Full Body Imaging (FBI) is performed by a trained Demographer. Every suspicious area on your body is examined and the precise location is recorded on a 3D Avatar of your body for easy follow-up access. Early detection of skin cancer is essential to reducing morbidity and mortality from both melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers.


OHSU/Knight Cancer Institute – is collaborating with DermDetect to capture the images and data that empowers “Intelligent Dermatology” with DermEngine. This powerful new cloud-based platform is HIPAA compliant and secure while enabling you and your doctor to easily access valuable information from images of your skin. The ASCS is the first to use a new paramedical specialist called a Dermographer. They assist the Dermatologists by imaging your skin and creating a baseline digital record that augments the academic dermatologists during your visit to OHSU dermatology. Pay for your ASCS here and we will send you the link so that you can choose the best appointment time at this location.

DermDetect has offices at the World Trade Center, Beaverton, River Park, Bancorp Tower, Clackamas, Lake Oswego, Lincoln Center, Pearl District, Tualatin, and Willamette. If any of these locations are more convenient for your screening, please let our Front Desk know so we can schedule a convenient time to screen you there.