Advanced Skin Cancer Screening (ASCS) Every 90 days


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DermDetect provides a powerful service that revolutionizes the way skin cancer is diagnosed for 70% of America that is not currently seeing a dermatologist.  A DermDetect Advanced Skin Cancer Screening combines the latest technologies with Certified Dermographers to accurately image, analyze, store and review irregularities of the skin.  Take charge of your skin health and ultimately, detect skin cancer at its earliest stages.  Early detection of melanoma has been proven to improve outcomes and reduce health care costs.

Studies have proven that Dermoscopy improves both the sensitivity and accuracy of detecting melanoma compared to the unaided eye.  There was a reported 42% reduction in patients referred to biopsy.  Early detection of non-melanocytic lesions like Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) was also improved.


Get a complete ASCS every 90 days if you are at a high risk of skin cancer. Buy three and get one free!

ASCS includes free SDDI.  That means you can get us to take a side-by-side comparison image of any suspicious lesion.  Just call us and show up at any time at any of our screenings sessions and you will be promptly screened by the Dermographer.  SDDI is fast and the proven way to spot changes using the highest-resolution imaging (ELM).  Note:  The images are displayed on the screen for you and the Dermographer to see and they are added to your file or sent to your medical professional.  The process of looking for change is easy.  You can decide what to do after you see the image.  We do not include the academic report on SDDI repeat free exams.  When you have your paid ASCS, all images are SDDI and all reviewed by academic dermatologists with color-code in the 3D Avatar for easy access and review.

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    Larry Findleton Says :

    November 1, 2019 at 10:08 am

    ASCS combines FBI, ELM and Academic Dermatology review for those at a higher risk of skin cancer. SDDI is performed on all repeat ASCS.