Pretend you are your pet!

If your veterinarian told you that there was a test that could find skin cancer on your dog or cat and it cost $249 the first year and then $99 per year, you would whip out your checkbook or credit card and pay with a smile! So why is it that we will pay cash for our pet and deny ourselves the ASCS?

Is it because we think that our insurance should pay for it? Or is it because we want the cost to apply to the deductible?  Most people never exceed their deductible limits on their health insurance policy so even if the insurance company did approve it, you would still have to pay for it cash and it would only make a difference if you exceed your deductible limits. This all makes very little sense to us!  

The participants in the ASCS are helping us gather the evidence that is needed to get the insurance to pay for screening. So let’s pretend your dog is making the decision about what is best to make sure you are around to provide for him or her. Get the ASCS today. Do it for your pet! Are you worth 68 cents per day for the ASCS or only 27 cents per day for the Full Body Imaging? 

The ASCS is 37% less expensive than the Total Body Photography screening that does not use A.I. or provide you with an APP and 3D avatar to help you securely share your images with any other medical professional. Did you see that we offer prescription payments that are charged automatically to your credit card? See spot run to DermDetect to find spots now!

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