No surgery - FU-5 Works!

Machine Learning Ingredients

Melanoma In Situ?

During an ASCS screening, the Dermographer noticed this spot on the ear. A clinical and ELM were submitted to the academic dermatologists and coded RED.  The dermatologist did not see this on the physical exam.  When shown the ELM, he admitted that he has seen melanoma In Situ that looks similar to the 50X ELM image.  A biopsy was taken that was 5 mm x 5 mm and submitted to UCSF Dermatopathology Lab and it was determined to be Lichenoid Keratosis - Benign!

Surgery on the ear can be disfiguring.  FU-5 cream for 3 weeks completely curred this early detection!  When the machine learning is given the clinical image, ELM, and pathology report with a health history, we believe the need for a biopsy may someday be avoided all together!  Imagine that the computer can diagnose benign lesions as well as the malignant! 

Human Eye or ELM?

Early Detection

Why wait until you can see it with the human eye when we can look inside using computer-controlled LED lighting with precision optics and digital images to show our academic dermatologists?  Less than a dollar a day!