Only 16% are Routine Follow-up

1050 Total Body Photography Images. Only twelve clients have all routine follow-ups. 

77% of Americans do not see a medical professional for annual skin checks. All suspicious lesions were color-coded as a Purple with the recommendation that they receive Sequential Dermoscopic Imaging (SDI) within 90 days. There is no charge for this follow-up service where the Dermographer will see all clients again to capture one additional Dermoscopy image using our MoleScope. The SDI takes only two minutes to perform with DermEngine and Intelligent Dermatology tools. Our workstation retrieves the first image and places it beside the new image. Auto-align and “Flicker” are used to help identify any changes in the two images. If there is no change seen, then we are confident that routine follow-up is all that is needed. We saved our client the cost and pain and scar of an unnecessary biopsy.

Without imaging and baseline total body photography with dermoscopy, SDI is not possible. Change is the #1 indicator of skin cancer. How can anyone see change without images?

Since SDI is non-invasive and the initial baseline takes less than twenty minutes, and the SDI takes only two minutes, we can eliminate unnecessary biopsies that cost over $600! All biopsies are invasive and they do leave a scar. We want more and more employers to add the paid benefit to help reduce the costs of care.

Remember, the excisional biopsy is performed only on skin cancers that are determined to be at high risk of skin cancer by an expert that reads Dermoscopy. Far too many doctors do not even use dermoscopy when they make the decision to get paid by taking a biopsy that only provides pathological results on the tissue that was obtained during the biopsy.

For example, with a Punch biopsy that is determined to be normal tissue, you still have an ugly spot! Only now the ugly spot has a scar where the core biopsy was taken!

With a shave biopsy, the same, they removed the top layer and exposed a wider area of tissue to potential infection. When the biopsy is negative, so are the cosmetic results.

If either the punch or shave is shown to be skin cancer, then you need another appointment for surgery. MOHS surgery is best for the face.

This is why our dermatology colleagues around the world favor excisional biopsy. The Pathologist is able to see all the tissue and the surrounding walls. Not only is the pathology report more accurate, but the excision is also closed using a special bandage, and the risk of infection is reduced to a single scar.

Now, when the results of the expert pathologists are provided, it does not matter! The treatment is complete. The biopsy is the treatment when they are confident that all cancer has been removed.

It is a fact that 77% of us Americans do not see Dermatologists for annual skin checks. If you are in the 23% that gets a licensed Dermatologist to use dermoscopy on your total body, and you get examined every year, you do not need us. We can help your Dermatologist with our AI by allowing you to see your skin to perform better checks. Total Body Photography is proven to help. However, when TBP is performed by clinical practice, the charges are more than double the costs for the ASCS.

When your employer pays for the ASCS, they save money and take the financial incentives out of diagnosing and treating skin cancer. DermDetect endorses the process that is used all over the world. The only thing that is different in the US is our CPT codes that reward government-approved policy.

Until there is evidence that shows the savings, nothing will change in America.

We are asking employers that already pay for over half of all the healthcare in our country to change to the Australian way.

When they offer the benefit to all their valuable employees, only those who are at self-identified risk of skin cancer register and get screened.

When we find skin cancer and take action, the risk of that cancer goes away.

If there are suspicious spots that would normally be biopsied “to be sure”, we see them again in 90 days for free, and only the ones that show growth are biopsied.

When the biopsy is excisional the cost is only $600 and the treatment is often complete.

Only your medical provider can advise you. Our experts advise them. Our images and APP help you find skin cancer early.

Remember, skin cancer is the #1 cancer in women under 29, and men under 45 years of age.

We now offer these services through local physicians in 35 states. Now they can screen your employees so our experts can report the results, and then they help you reduce the costs of care with the convenience of local practice.

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