Obvious reasons to get screened with Intelligent Dermatology

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result!

The human eye is not able to see inside your skin – only the top surface!  Intelligent Dermatology is now in the USA!  Digital Dermoscopy images into your skin!

Americans are told to use the A, B, C, D, E’s and 70% of all skin cancers are discovered by us, not their doctor!  That is because insurance does not yet pay for this advanced screening that may save your life.

A dermatologist is trained to find skin cancer early and when they use proven tools like dermoscopy and Total Body Photography, dermatologists are 30% less likely to perform an unnecessary biopsy.  Dermatologists with dermoscopy find skin cancer early.  So why do they assign this important responsibility to their P.A., RNP, or medical assistant?  Why do so few take images?  Why is Intelligent Dermatology embraced by every single-payer system in the world?  Why did the head of dermatology at Walter Reed recommend that all military personnel get screened every year?  Read the Publication

When your doctor has a previous digital dermoscopy image to compare side-by-side with the image they capture during you visit them, they are able to perform “Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging” (SDDI) and this has published data that shows double the sensitivity for the diagnosis of melanoma!

“While the combination of dermoscopy and SDDI nearly doubled the sensitivity for the diagnosis of melanoma compared with a naked eye examination, there was no significant change in specificity. However, both GPs’ confidence in their diagnosis and certainty that the lesion was nonmelanoma improved following these interventions for true nonmelanoma lesions. We believe this led to the large reduction of referral and biopsy of true benign lesions.”   Read the Publication

Our healthcare system is asking all of us to “check ourselves” with our untrained naked eye and “if we see something, see a doctor”.  This strategy is great for finding the big and obvious skin cancers.  The problem is that many times it is too late!  Enough is enough!  It is time Americans get access to Intelligent Dermatology, the same early diagnostic technology that is being used all around the world.

Ask your doctor to give us a call so we can show them how to integrate Intelligent Dermatology into their practice for no cost to them.  We will train them and install the technology that is needed to allow all of their patients to benefit from what doctors from Australia are calling the “Netflix” or “Spotify” for dermatology.  The same cloud technology that eliminated the VCR, CD or vinyl record collections is now available for the USA!

Intelligent Dermatology is a gamechanger. DermDetect will help you or your doctor.  Together we can beat skin cancer and save the lives of the people we love.  Insurance companies will soon learn that Intelligent Dermatology saves money and doctors will learn that it saves time while they improve their MACRA and MIPS score.  


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