Man riding by on horseback?

An old Irish measurement taught to me by Patty Calahan (Mom)

Any time we were deciding on if a job was complete, she would say "If a man riding by on horseback would not notice, you're done"

The relaxed pace of riding a horse gives the rider plenty of time to look.

This is not recommended for skin cancer! A millimeter is quite small, and a half a millimeter is the thickness that alarms any skin expert!

That is right, 0.8 mm and it may be too late for a simple surgical procedure to remove the melanoma. Your doctor will want to rule out the spreading to other organs.

"Thin melanomas, which up until this point were defined as those with < 1mm Breslow depth, account for approximately 70% of new cases and approximately 25% of melanoma deaths (Hieken et al., 2015) despite having an excellent prognosis with an observed 12-year survival of approximately 85% (Maurichi et al., 2014).Jun 11, 2018" Annual skin checks with Full Body Imaging and the improved ability to spot changes may save your life. The latest A.I. is available for only $99 and DermDetect will share the powerful workstation with your doctor for free. That is right, no charge to your doctor when they work with us to improve the early detection of melanoma and to reduce the number of "normal" biopsies by half. When your doctor embraces the latest Intelligent Dermatology (developed by MetaOptima) they may improve their MACRA/MIPS rating and that will improve the reimbursement from Medicare. Your doctor will learn how to perform Digital Dermoscopy in less than two minutes. Then DermEngine finds the image that DermDetect captured during your ASCS. The A.I. places the two images side-by-side and even aligns them automatically. Click to perform "Flicker" - The movie shows the two images rapidly to look for changes. Our image will be color-coded by our academic dermatologist and marked with RED if you require immediate medical care. When your doctor participates and captures their image, it is now very easy to look for changes in the dermoscopy image. If there are no changes, the SDDI should be repeated again to look again. It only takes two minutes during your next office visit. If the lesion is biodynamic, you both will agree to perform a biopsy! If you want to read the literature on SDDI, please send us an email and we will provide you the links. Or, Google it! Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging (SDDI) You can only benefit from SDDI after your ASCS. The annual FBI will spot changes. The ASCS provides the baseline images to help your doctor perform SDDI. Let's team up and save lives! If your employer pays for the ASCS as a benefit, then they take the deduction and you get it for free! Please introduce us to your boss and then your doctor. We want to help reverse the awful statistics in the US.

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