Lichenoid keratosis

During my most recent Advanced Skin Cancer Screening, the Demographer discovered a new growth on the top of my left ear.  With the D-200 EVO at 50X magnification (5 times more than a Dermoscope) the Epiluminecense Microscopy was color-coded RED by the Academic Dermatologist at OHSU.  My local Dermatologist admitted that he would not have been concerned if he had not seen the ELM and if I had not insisted that he biopsy it to be sure.  A UCSF Dermatopathologist examined the shave biopsy and we were all delighted to learn that this was not melanoma in situ or BCC!  This one is benign and can be treated with FU-5  or cryotherapy.

My brother lost a considerable portion of his ear with the diagnosis of melanoma.  The earlier you find it, the smaller the scar and the better the outcome.

They say that 70% of all skin cancers are found by the patient.  When a Dermatologist finds your skin cancer it is always smaller than when you find it.

The ASCS uses advanced imaging technology that can magnify the ELM from 15-200 times with computer controlled lighting and precision optics.  When the teacher examines your ELM on an advanced workstation, the code RED will allow the participant to tell their Dermatologist to examine it sooner.  When this image is paired with the pathology report and my patient history, the machine learning computers may be able to prevent this biopsy some day.  That is my sincere hope!

ELM 50X Magnification
ELM 50X Magnification

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