Man riding by on horseback?

An old Irish measurement taught to me by Patty Calahan (Mom) Any time we were deciding on if a job was complete, she would say “If a man riding by on horseback would not notice, you’re done” The relaxed pace of riding a horse gives the rider plenty of time to look. This is not […]

COVID-19 – Company update

What is the value of your life? The American healthcare system has been willing to pay over one million dollars in cancer treatment costs to extend the life of any American with health insurance. Jury’s value the loss of life at over $10 million over a lifetime. During the 911 terrorist attack, over 3,000 Americans […]

Pretend you are your pet!

If your veterinarian told you that there was a test that could find skin cancer on your dog or cat and it cost $249 the first year and then $99 per year, you would whip out your checkbook or credit card and pay with a smile! So why is it that we will pay cash […]

Virtual Biopsy is non-invasive!

Virtual Biopsy is 100% non-invasive and is now approved by many insurance plans.  The OHSU Skin Imaging Center is the first on the west coast to offer the “Virtual Biopsy” to the ASCS participants. So if the academic dermatologists color codes your ASCS with “Orange”, you should consider getting this performed by Alexander Witkowsky, M.D., […]

You need more than your eyes to find melanoma early!

Over the Thanksgiving dinner table, a physician friend shared their experience with melanoma after learning about our mission.  He told us that: “He had a relatively small, pink, perfectly round border and relatively flat lesion on his upper arm for a few years.  Because he’s a golfer, this past August,  he decided to have his […]

DermEngine installation and integration the easy way!

Change is not easy!  Especially when you have multiple members of your team and multiple locations.  DermDetect with DermEngine is a game changer!  Intelligent Dermatology has been compared to “Netflix” or “Spotify” for dermatologists.  Get started today. Now any size hospital or practice can easily transition to DermEngine with DermDetect and our affordable staffing service. […]

A better paramedical service?

“The use of physicians in today’s healthcare environment is like using a Ferrari to deliver pizza” Phillip D. Lemming MD Director of Cancer Research The Christ Hospital Health Network Cincinnati, Ohio; Nationally Known Melanoma Expert; Precision Medicine Leader  MY COMMENTS – Dr. Lemming is brilliant!  I hope to meet him someday. Now let’s talk about […]

Australia’s two largest corporate GP providers use Intelligent Dermatology!

In the last week, dermatology assessment software as a service (SaaS) provider Metaoptima, has signed up Australia’s two largest corporate GP providers to use its intelligent dermatology ecosystem DermEngine in their all their skin clinics and selected GP centres. Signing both companies, which both did robust due diligence on the system before signing on, is […]

Why I am a Dermographer

“This is so important to me to honor my dad.”  Debbie’s father died from melanoma and she is committed to helping others. “It is amazing to look inside the skin!  I take great images and having an academic dermatologist that color code, takes all the pressure off of me.  I have never been scolded for […]