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In order for healthcare ecosystems to become coordinated, patient handling systems need to be equipped with the technology that can create an accessible, efficient and quality hub that integrates all stakeholders. Intelligent dermatology software, such as DermEngine, are the result of the genuine need for the support of a common network that can centralize health professionals of various disciplines simultaneously. Being able to establish concrete and effective communication among each one of the links in the care-chain process is of utmost importance for delivering powerful medical outcomes.

DermDetect utilizes DermEngine because it is built around a patient-centric approach to document patient cases with easy and safe access to patient history and images by medical professionals within the network. Similarly, the interoperable nature of DermEngine allows it to complement its advanced features with electronic medical records (EMR) software already in use.  DermDetect will provide access to the powerful workstation dashboard to the physician of anyone screened in any of our 1056 locations. Medical professionals need to ask their patient for permission to connect to our network so they can easily provide teledermatology services or consult with others in our network.

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