NOTE:  The ASCS is not a diagnostic test nor does it a substitute for seeing your local Dermatologist.  DermDetect performs ASCS on volunteers that agree to participate in our research.  Data collection is critical for research.  Each participant is provided secure access to their personal file to allow them to review and share their images and reports with their trusted local medical professional.  The researchers are color-coding every image with the following best practices:

Green - Routine Follow-up in 12 months - continue to look for changes and see you doctor or request a follow-up evaluation with the ASCS to look for changes using SDDI.

RED - Immediate attention with a medical professional.  Share your images and the report.  You are responsible for entering into a patient and physician relationship for your medical care.

YELLOW - Requires a repeat image of only that image due to technical difficulties.

Skin Cancer is extremely difficult to diagnose for even the experts.  The biopsy is the Gold Standard for diagnosis and we ask all participants to share their result with our researchers so they can "teach" the computer to identify and diagnose in the future.  Our researchers are performing under an Institutional Review Board and intend to publish the results.  CMS and medical insurance coverage need to cover the cost of screening in the future if we are going to lower the mortality and morbidity rate in the USA.  Many countries already pay for screenings now.

Example images are intended to demonstrate the image quality and process of the ASCS.