When it comes to our health, we all want access to the best technology and doctors.  Cloud technology makes that a reality!

Cost: $350  Register today online and complete your Health History Questionaire and enrollment forms using secure HIPAA compliant servers.  Get an ASCS soon if you are at high risk and not currently seeing a Dermatologist, or want to be part of our groundbreaking research.

Certified Dermographers bring the latest high-resolution digital imaging technology to the point of convenience for a private ASCS.  Every suspicious lesion is captured for review by Academic Dermatologist at OHSU in Portland, Oregon.  Dermographers will capture any spot that you request.  They are trained to photograph and send your images using the latest DICOM/PACS technology.

The Academic Dermatologist logs into the PACS workstation and carefully examines the clinical and ELM image before assigning a color-code of Green or Red.

This is not a diagnosis.  This is research to identify images that need to teach the A.I. computers when the scientist at OHSU matches your results to the image.  This is why we need you to share your pathology report.  (Your name is redacted for your privacy)

Code Green indicates that if the Academic Dermatologist was examining you directly and viewed your lesion, they would advise you to follow-up in 12 months while looking for any changes.

Code Red - recommends that you see a local medical professional immediately.  Share your images and signed research report with your doctor.

Isn't that all we really want to know? 

Am I OK or do I need additional care?

There is published literature that proves that a Dermatologist will use the biopsy 30% less often than other medical professionals.  Our Academic Dermatologist is not deciding if you need a biopsy.  That is entirely up to your physician.

Personal experience with the ASCS during our clinical trials:  My local Primary Care Physician pointed to three lesions on my body and told me that he would biopsy them all.  The Dermographer imaged all suspicious lesions.  Dr. Leachman (Academic Dermatologist) only marked one Red and that was later biopsied and confirmed to be SCC. 

The average cost of a biopsy is $500 and it takes 5-9 days for results.  There are several ways to perform a biopsy.

  • Shave biopsy - top layer only
  • Punch biopsy - deep core specimen
  • Wide-excision - entire removal

Insurance pays for up to three biopsies per visit.  This is the Gold Standard for diagnosis of skin cancer.  There are published papers that estimate only a 90% accuracy and this is mostly due to how the sample is taken.  If the biopsy misses the cancer cells, the pathologist will not find them or make the correct diagnosis.  Our colleagues from Queensland prefer a "proper specimen" obtained by total excision.

Personal Experience: I was referred to the "Single Lesion Clinic" and they performed a shave biopsy and slapped a bandage on my chest.  My shirt was stained from the blood on the way to my car.  The biopsy proved positive for SCC and I needed to return in 3 weeks for surgery.  There was no bleeding and the wound healed in a couple of weeks.

There are publications that show that melanoma appears in an existing mole only 40% of the time.  60% of melanoma is incipient and can grow rapidly anywhere.  We must check our bodies often to catch it early.  Powerful imaging technology may also help to find it early.  OHSU will publish the results of this research to advance healthcare for all.

Here are some recent publications to review.

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