After your screening, we email you secure login access to your private APP for viewing on any Smartphone, IPAD, to Tablet.  Use the 3D Avatar to easily find a spot, then click to see the image.  Now you can easily compare, take another image using the optional MoleScope and send the new images via Teledermatology to any of our Network Dermatologists.  Get your doctor to join us for FREE.  We only require an email address to grant him access to our powerful workstation.  Now your doctor can use the powerful tools that are available only from MetaOptima.  There is no charge!  Our fee is included in your membership.

The optional MoleScope takes dermoscopic images for a detailed look inside the mole.  Your camera on any smartphone can be used to send images of any other skin condition.  There are over 3,000 other skin conditions!

Mole Scope Package for dermoscopy using your smartphone.

Teledermatology is covered by most insurance providers due to the improved access to care.  When your doctor joins our network, we can now refer other participants for treatments, consults, or telederm.  This is how the rest of the world drives down costs and improves the quality of care.

3D Avatar APP
Free APP for your SmartPhone