DermEngine installation and integration the easy way!

Change is not easy!  Especially when you have multiple members of your team and multiple locations.  DermDetect with DermEngine is a game changer! 

Intelligent Dermatology has been compared to "Netflix" or "Spotify" for dermatologists.  Get started today.

Now any size hospital or practice can easily transition to DermEngine with DermDetect and our affordable staffing service.

Here is how it works:

  1. Contact us an complete the integration worksheet so we can understand all about your practice.  The number of skin cancer patients, locations, staff, current technology, EMR and computer capabilities.
  2. Review our staffing agreement and learn how we create passive income for your practice while we show you how to use all of the powerful features in DermEngine.
  3. Offer the latest Skin Cancer Screening to your patients as a cash pay and in-office procedure.  There is currently no CPT for Intelligent Dermatology with TBP, Digital Dermoscopy, and Cloud Image Management and A.I for analysis.  We need to prove that Intelligent Dermatology saves money!
  4. Schedule and collect the payments from your patients that want to take advantage of the latest technology.
  5. DermDetect Dermographers come to your office and perform the Intelligent Dermatology screening as a trusted member of your staff (Staffing service agreement)
  6. DermDetect will help you install Apple TV and set-up your new Advanced Skin Imaging room.
  7. Dermogrpahers will train you and your staff to use all the advanced features properly while we create your "foundation digital records" and screen your patients for skin cancer.
  8. You earn PASSIVE INCOME!  No capital expense, no construction cost, no special wires, no set-up fee.  All included in your one-year staffing agreement.
  9. After your patients have been digitally integrated and your staff trained, convert to an affordable per-patient fee for the annual use of this powerful technology.
  10. No need for your I.T. or for costly network support.  DermDetect will help you grow your network by training and installing your referral network for you.
  11. If you work closely with Primary Care Physicians, we can show you how to screen in their office so you can manage their skin cancer patients while they earn passive income!
  12. Dermographers are the new paramedical support for Dermatologists.  DermDetect earns you money while improving the early detection of skin cancer by using proven technology, a cost-effective way!

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