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What is the value of your life?

The American healthcare system has been willing to pay over one million dollars in cancer treatment costs to extend the life of any American with health insurance. Jury's value the loss of life at over $10 million over a lifetime. During the 911 terrorist attack, over 3,000 Americans were killed and the settlement payments average was $240,000 and the largest was $4.1 Million! Someone was only paid $458!

We are witnessing the astronomical costs of preventing the loss of life with the recent government stimulus and SBA funding that totals trillions of dollars!

When melanoma is found early it is 96% curable. If allowed to grow to a depth of only 0.8 mm the survival rate and treatment cost skyrocket. I was recently told that the total costs to treat a client's wife was $1.5 million before she died. He lost his wife, best friend, lover, and the mother of his children. There was no life insurance settlement to compensate for his loss. Only a significant disruption in his life that could have been prevented if we found that melanoma in time.

When an employer loses an employee, the loss is far greater. The company suffers from the loss of productivity, replacement and recruiting costs, training, and all those valuable customer relationships are hard to rebuild. Since most corporations today are self-insured, the medical and treatment costs are added to the medical expenses for the corporation.

DermDetect can help with annual screenings that are reviewed by our academic dermatologists and the results are conveniently available for the employee/participant to share with the medical professional of their choosing.

Corporate screenings events educate your employees, prove you care about your employees, and they build your brand! The public relations value and employee retention impact are priceless. Please call us today to discuss our monthly subscription plans for less than 70 cents per day on an annual plan.


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