When you sponsor an ASCS event at work, we all win!  DermDetect is committed to capturing the very best skin images from 100,000 participants all over the USA.  We need your support!

When you sponsor ASCS, you help fund our research while showing your employees and the community that you care about them.  The expense is usually deducted as a company-paid health benefit.

The old ways, such as signing bonuses and incentives work less and less in today’s world. Are we going to see companies offering free annual biometric screening services to its employees to outdo its competitors in attractiveness as one German tech firm and Mountain Enterprises have proven?

Do your employees like the convenience of being screened while at work?

Absolutely and most of the time it is their first baseline study.  ASCS is all about early detection, and we know that this lowers healthcare cost.

Do experts estimate that the treatment cost for melanoma detected early is less than the cost to treat it systemically? 

Absolutely yes.  The savings could be huge!

Who benefits from the lower cost of care?

The corporation that is self-insured and the employee in the form of the reduced medical cost.

Who benefits from saving someone's life with early detection? 

You do, the employee and family, and the insurance company or healthcare provider.

Are there published papers on the value of screening?

Yes, a recent study performed in Germany concluded that screening is beneficial for all employees.  In that study of 786 employees, 2 melanoma and 12 non-melanoma were detected early.  (See below)

What is the minimum requirement to sponsor a one-day screening event?

With a $5,000 contribution to DermDetect:

  • We will schedule and perform a maximum of 16 ASCS exams during a one-day event.
  • We will also allow DermDetect to perform up to four complementary ASCS for those members of the community that simply can not afford to pay who will personally acknowledge your gift to them.
  • We will provide a plaque that recognizes your valuable contribution to our research.

What if we have more employees that want to volunteer?

We ask that you start with the minimum contribution and offer it to the first to register online.  DermDetect will demonstrate and educate your company on the advantages of early detection of skin cancer.  We will discount further for larger events and return as many times as it takes to screen as many of your people as you allow.

The benefit to the company is at a minimum the goodwill that employees will feel from their employer.  At most, it is saving an employee unnecessary burdensome healthcare expenses related to the treatment of skin cancer that is detected too late. Worst-case, you have the potential of losing and having to replace that employee.

The sad fact is that one American dies every 52 minutes from melanoma.

DermDetect offers a very solid opportunity for your company to provide a substantial benefit for your people and their families.

The effectiveness of an employee Skin Cancer Screening program for secondary prevention.

15-minute exams were performed on-site on 788 employees, which 661 lesions were found. Two were previously unknown melanomas, which if caught early have a 95% cure rate.

Aside from saving this self-funded company money it also probably also saved two employee lives.

  • Average employee age was 42.3 years old
  • 59% had no prior examination of their skin
  • 13 Basal Cell Carcinoma detected
  • 10 “other” skin tumors

Read the article here (August 11, 2016)

DermDetect offers these significant benefits to corporate sponsors who agree to participate in a research collaboration with the OSHU Knight Cancer InstituteSkin Cancer Free, and DermDetect.   The collaboration is under the direction of OHSU’s Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D., chair of dermatology in the OHSU School of Medicine and director of the melanoma research program.

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