Now you can help your doctor find skin cancer early.

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Screening for skin cancer is non-invasive and may save lives while reducing healthcare costs. It is OK to help your doctor find it early!

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Subscribe today for only 68 cents per day and we will check you for skin cancer using the latest technology at your work or any of our office locations. Certified Dermographers take images (not biopsies) and you get a baseline map of all your spots. Your second exam allows artificial intelligence (AI) to help us find changes in size, color, or even new lesions!  You need digital images to improve your health.  Sequential dermoscopy imaging detects incipient melanomas when they are still featureless.

Melanoma is up 7.7% this year!

Melanoma is 98% curable when discovered early. Only 30% of us see a dermatologist for annual skin checks. 70% of all skin cancer is found by the patient with only their eyes and sometimes that is too late. 

Now you can get Full Body Imaging with Intelligent Dermatology that uses the latest artificial intelligence (AI) to look for changes. Change is the best early indicator of skin cancer. Our technology and our Certified Dermographers are available now for only $9.99 per month.  

Easy secure access to your images 

Members use our software for imaging and documentation to aid their doctors in the diagnosis of skin cancer. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this smart dermatology system helps you manage your Full Body Image file with secure cross-platform access. You get our APP that will allow you to easily access your 3D avatar with one-click access to see your baseline image. If you see changes, see your doctor ASAP.

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My employer provided this as a health benefit.  I was screened at work in about 15-20 minutes.  The Dermographer found melanoma on my back that my wife and I never noticed!  The dermatologist said that DermDetect saved my life at age 35.

Clifford - New Jersey Townships

"DermEngine has been described by some skin specialists as ‘the Netflix
or Spotify’ of skin cancer assessment by some skin clinic doctors."  

Medical Republic - 6 November 2019