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"It is a bad day for skin cancer"

Determined Dermatology experts join with experienced imaging experts to create a BOLD new option for 70% of America that does not see a Dermatologist for regular annual skin checks.  Insurance does not currently pay your doctor for Advanced Skin Cancer Screening!  Don't let that stop you and the ones you love from getting access to the best technology and experts in dermoscopy.

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Annual subscription with low monthly payments and scheduled screenings are now so convenient, everyone who is at risk of skin cancer has access to the latest technology and Academic Dermatologist to tell you when you need to see your local doctor.  You control your images with your reports and the Free APP makes it easy to check your spots!  3D avatar shows location, click and see the spot!

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It is good to push your doctor!  Help them by showing them where you need their expertise!

Patients find 70% of all skin cancers with only their eyes! 

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We help you find it early when it is easier to treat and the outcomes are always better!

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