Full Body Imaging

Full Body Imaging

Subscription period: Unlimited -Full Body Imaging with Free APP
Includes free access for your physician to use our workstation to manage you with telederm, and email consults.

Subscribe with a low $9.99 per month convenient charge to your credit card.  Annual subscription.

DermDetect will schedule your screening in your area as soon as there is a minimum of ten members to offset the cost of travel.

Help us get others to join and speed up your annual screening!

If you do not receive your FBI screening in one year, your entire membership will be immediately refunded minus the $5 Lifetime membership fee.

If there are ten members in your area, the FBI screening will be performed within 60 days!  Help us all get screened.

Invite your neighbors!  Get your church involved!  Tell your employer and we will screen at work!


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