See changes in size, shape, color, or any new spots using the APP with a 3D avatar for easy navigation and viewing.

Full Body Imaging (FBI) provides a baseline study that shows your skin and the current size, shape, and color of your moles. 

A 3D Avatar of your body documents the location and provides "one-click" access to digital images that make it easy for participants to check their skin and identify changes earlier. 

FBI is non-invasive and takes just 20 minutes.

You and your DermDetect Dermographer will be the only people involved, and your privacy is assured.  

We image the prominent moles for you so you can easily use our Free APP to look for changes.

If this is your repeat FBI the computer aids in finding new spots and changes to existing moles. 

Full Body Imaging has been proven to reduce unnecessary biopsies and spot changes that could be early signs of melanoma. 

Melanoma is found in existing moles only 30% of the time.   

We include your hair, ears, eyes, nose, finger and toenails, and even the bottom of your feet!

We also use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to map and find changes between screenings.

FBI is only $99 per year or, just $9.99 per month if you join our subscription club!