Our mission is to support the development and delivery methodologies and technologies to detect melanoma and other skin cancers earlier, improve overall survival rates, expand skin cancer awareness and screening to everyone.


Our Values

Our services always benefit patients, physicians, clinicians, and healthcare providers

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations at all times

We exhibit at all times the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior

We promote community value for all patients in the Intelligent Dermatology processes we provide

We foster goodwill among all stakeholders in all DermDetect development processes

We participate only in business and technology, looking not only now but into the future that will benefit all concerned

We seek excellence in all we do, as excellence is our only acceptable standard

DermDetect can save lives by empowering the participant to take charge of their own healthcare experience. Early detection of skin cancer will improve outcomes and reduce cost. Our service benefit the patient and the medical professional by improving access to the highest quality care. We use the highest resolution imaging technology and state-of-the-art image management and reporting tools to provide actionable information that is cloud-based and accessible by the patient and the healthcare professional of their choice, anywhere in the world.