Our Approach

DermDetect provides a powerful service that revolutionizes the way skin cancer is detected. A DermDetect Skin Cancer Screening combines the latest technologies to accurately image, analyze, store and review irregularities of the skin. We allow participants to take charge of their skin health and ultimately, detect skin cancer at its earliest stages which has been proven to improve outcomes.

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Our Values

Our services always benefit patients, physicians, clinicians, and healthcare providers

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations at all times

We exhibit at all times the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior

We promote community value for all patients in the Intelligent Dermatology processes we provide

We foster goodwill among all stakeholders in all DermDetect development processes

We participate only in business and technology, looking not only now but into the future that will benefit all concerned

We seek excellence in all we do, as excellence is our only acceptable standard

DermDetect can save lives by empowering the participant to take charge of their own healthcare experience. Early detection of skin cancer will improve outcomes and reduce cost. Our service benefit the patient and the medical professional by improving access to the highest quality care. We use the highest resolution imaging technology and state-of-the-art image management and reporting tools to provide actionable information that is cloud-based and accessible by the patient and the healthcare professional of their choice, anywhere in the world.

Meet the Team

100 years of combined experience in diagnostic imaging services with Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT, Radiation Therapy, Superficial Radiotherapy, PACS/DICOM, and shared services while working together makes this team, both seasoned and uniquely qualified to deliver this service to the Dermatology market.

Lawrence S. Findleton

Founder & CEO

Mr. Findleton has over 40 years of medical start-up experience in multiple imaging-related industries. His first commercial endeavor was a successful mobile Ultrasound “shared service,” based in Phoenix, Arizona. The next 25 years were spent building business development units for Advanced Diagnostic Research [ADR] Advanced Technology Laboratories [ATL], Diasonics/Vingmed, Elbit /Elron and G.E Medical. Mr. Findleton subsequently assumed the role of Senior VP for Radiology Corporation of America specializing in a Mobile Molecular Service for cancer patients. His focus has always been working with small cancer/cardiac-related imaging companies for growth. He has built an excellent reputation and relationships with key healthcare leaders.  

"When I grew up, there was no sunscreen!  We used baby oil and spent hours in the sun.  Today I am a skin cancer patient that recognized the need for a paramedical team to help doctors in finding skin cancer so they can treat it early.  I was blessed to be one of the early "sonographers" and learned the important role the imager can perform and how the images can be shared with the expert and the patient.  Our team is ready to image anyone, anywhere in the USA and to help them get access to the quality care we all need.  The subscription service makes it very easy to get an annual check.  Together, we can beat skin cancer!"


Rob Schumacher

Robert Schumacher

Director of Operations


Mr. Schumacher has served in a variety of clinical capacities, most recently as the Vice President of Operations, Radiation Safety Officer and Chief Technology Officer for the first provider of mobile positron emission tomography (PET) services. Mr. Schumacher secured the accreditation from the Joint Commission on Health Care Organizations (JCAHO), a first for any provider of mobile PET/CT.

He is compliance experienced and has obtained federally mandated radioactive materials licenses in 27 states. He has consulted for more than 20 imaging centers in the areas of practice management, billing, clinical protocols, compliance, radiation safety with ICANL, ACR, JCAHO, and departments of health for various states.

Mr. Schumacher received a degree from the University of California in Biology,  a Certificate in Nuclear Medicine from Loma Linda University and credentialing in Positron Emission Tomography from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Randy Wyant

Vice President of Sales

Highly experienced and successful Healthcare Consultant Professional recognized for understanding the workflow and challenges in today's healthcare market. With 40+ years of experience, developing strong relationships with clients and individuals, I place a high value in establishing products and programs that emphasize leading-edge technologies in specialty markets.

Looking to further my success in healthcare, I have joined the DermDetect team as VP of Sales and Development Services. This very important & exciting technology is something that is significant in the fight against melanoma and changing how we look at the early detection of skin cancer.

Next Steps...

Please join us with this important project.  We need your support to achieve the change we all want.  Screenings save lives!  We screen for every other type of cancer, why is skin cancer not reimbursed?  Is it because of the only current diagnostic tool is the biopsy?  Each year we biopsy 500,000 children to find 500 melanoma!  My kids would prefer a non-invasive test.  Perhaps our research can prove it works?

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