A better paramedical service?

“The use of physicians in today’s healthcare environment is like using a Ferrari to deliver pizza”

Phillip D. Lemming MD

Director of Cancer Research The Christ Hospital Health Network Cincinnati, Ohio; Nationally Known Melanoma Expert; Precision Medicine Leader 

MY COMMENTS – Dr. Lemming is brilliant!  I hope to meet him someday.

Now let’s talk about dermatology where we only have approximately 8,500 “Ferraris” and millions of patients that need a pizza.  More than half of them only deliver to cosmetic passengers.  Very few of the remaining are experts in dermoscopy and even qualified to reap the benefits of “imaging first” to reduce the number of normal biopsies.  Studies claim a 30% reduction in normal biopsies when a qualified dermatologist uses dermoscopy.

Dermographers do not need to diagnose skin cancer or biopsy, they take images of all suspicious spots for the physicians that we serve.  Let us deliver you your pizza and then go see the physician so that they can perform the service that pays for that Ferrari.    

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