Melanoma Early Detection: Big Data, Bigger Picture

Tracy Petrie1, Ravikant Samatham1, Alexander M. Witkowski2,3, Andre Esteva4 and Sancy A. Leachman1,5 Innovative technologies, including novel communication and imaging tools, are affecting dermatology in profound ways. A burning question for the field is whether we will retrospectively react to innovations or proactively leverage them to benefit precision medicine. Early detection of melanoma is a dermatologic area particularly poised […]

Employee Skin Cancer Screenings – One Forward-Thinking Employer

January 1, 2018, Corporate Examinations, Frontpage Article, News Mountain Enterprises is a forward-thinking California corporation that decided to help better protect their employees’ health by providing screening examinations to detect early developing melanoma and other skin cancers. Background Treating an employee for a diagnosed melanoma or other skin cancer in many cases relies on what is known […]

Mobile Testing Coach

DermDetect uses a Mercedes Sprinter van to bring Advanced Skin Cancer Screening to any point of convenience.  The MTC has wheelchair access, retractable legs to stabilize, Computer Workstation with full FAX, Copy, Print, and with our own Mobile Hotspot, we connect to our Dermcloud.  MTC is great for remote sites, company events, fairs, and anywhere […]

PDX Skin Festival 2019

DermDetect will be supporting the PDX Skin Festival this Saturday – May 18, 2019  (9 AM – 2 PM) Reserve your appointment today.   EMAIL: The Advanced Skin Cancer Screening includes: ·         Total Body Exam using Optima Full Spectrum LED ·         Suspicious lesions are marked for imaging ·         High-Resolution Clinical Image of your Skin ·         […]