Moles, brown spots, and growths on the skin are not always harmless.  We can help you find skin cancer early and recognize a change that is the primary indicator of skin cancer.  The latest technology that is saving lives around the world is now available in the USA to everyone that is at risk of skin cancer for only 27 cents per day. Take charge of the largest organ in your body today. Get screened today by DermDetect and together we will share the results with your doctor.  Better technology, less cost, very convenient, and we are not paid to biopsy!

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Full Body Imaging (FBI)

A DermDetect Full Body Imaging Screening is easy, non-invasive, and takes approximate 15-20 minutes.  Only $8.25 month

You and your DermDetect Dermographer will be the only people involved, and your privacy is assured.  You will be shown if you have any spots that need Dermoscopy.  Not everyone needs the ASCS, but everyone benefits from this FBI investigation!

We ask you to pose so that we can easily capture 28 images of your skin.  We map the prominent moles for you so you can easily use the Free APP to look for change.

On your repeat FBI the computer aids in finding new spots and changes to existing moles.  Without images, this is not an option!  Total Body Photography has been proven to reduce unnecessary biopsies and spot changes that could be early signs of melanoma.

YES - time to take charge!

DermDetect has an office in a city near you!

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A DermDetect Advanced Skin Cancer Screening is easy, non-invasive, and takes approximate 15-20 minutes including the FBI.  If you do not need dermoscopy, your screening may be completed with the FBI.  If we find any "ugly duclings" with the FBI investigation, you will be given the option of ASCS or see your local Dermatologist ASAP.

The whole body screening can be performed at any of our 1056 office locations in over 900 cities.   You and your DermDetect Dermographer will be the only people involved, and your privacy is assured.

Private Screening - Keep your undergarments on; please no lotion, powder or make-up.


The Dermographer examines your entire body first using the maximized field of view and true-color illumination examination magnifier called the Optima.  Your skin, scalp, ears, eyes, mouth, fingers and toenails, hands and feet are all checked for any suspicious lesions.

Tiny black arrows are placed to identify the locations for the next exam that uses the D-200 EVO with Boost.

The precise location is documented in the Avatar Report

The Dermographer captures a high-resolution clinical image of the lesion with the surrounding skin.  This is what most clinicians see when they examine your skin.

A quick spray of Isopropyl Alcohol wets the skin for direct contact with the D-200 EVO.  All ambient light is blocked and the computer controls the 96 LED array to provide reproducible images every time.  The focus is fixed as the Epiluminescense (ELM) image is captured.  Very few Dermatologists in America have this technology, resolution or imaging capability.

Both clinical image and ELM are linked and the precise location recorded in the Avatar report.

DICOM PACS Workstation

Encrypted Images - HIPAA Compliant

ASCS requires the Dermographer to send your ultra-high-resolution images via a secure transfer to DermCloud for evaluation by an Academic Dermatologist.  Images are given a color-code designation.

Green - color-code indicate Routine Follow-up in 12 months.

Red - color-code tells us that you need to see your local medical professional for immediate attention.

These are the images that are most valuable for Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) research.

With your consent, a copy of the pathology report may teach the computer to recognize pathology with a non-invasive procedure like the ASCS.  

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Intelligent Dermatology requires change in the status quo

We all win with ASCS.  You get a signed report telling you if you need to see a local physician for further care.  The local physician provides your expert care and benefits from the FBI. With your consent, your pathology report may help researchers with machine learning.  Your employer benefits from the lower cost of care with early detection, and they reduce the likelihood of losing a valuable employee.  You win by getting screened with high-resolution imaging that is reviewed by Academic Dermatologist.