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Anyone can get skin cancer!  Any age, gender, or skin color! Early detection of Melanoma is vital to your survival. Two people die every hour and they estimate a 7.7% increase this year!

When detected early, the five-year survival rate for melanoma is 98%.

Get your annual screening the same way you get your annual blood test.  Go to the place with the better technology and experts that are able to identify skin cancer by looking at ultra-high-resolution images on powerful workstations.

100% noninvasive, 15-20 minutes. Ask your doctor about this new advancement in skin cancer imaging that has been adopted by all single-payer healthcare providers around the world.  Americans need to pay cash until we can prove to our insurance companies that they save money and lives.

Introduce us to your doctor and we will provide their practice with a turn-key transition to this powerful new tool.  We can screen you in their office and provide seamless integration to DermEngine and Intelligent Dermatology.