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Reviewed by Academic Dermatologists

Full Body Imaging (FBI) $99

How can any doctor spot changes without images from your last screening?  FBI is a way to document every spot on your skin. Our trained Dermographer will instruct you through a series of standard poses to image all of your skin.  You have access to your images using our free app. When you return for a follow up screening our Intelligent Dermatology uses Artificial Intelligence to help spot changes in size, color, shape and detect new spots. If you have spots that do not match your unique mole pattern, you may need close up dermascopic images taken. This is part of our our Advanced Skin Cancer Screening.

Advanced Skin Cancer Screening (ASCS) $249

ASCS includes FBI and so much more. Clinical photos are taken of each spot that you are concerned about or that our Dermographer identifies as not matching your unique mole pattern. Next dermoscopic images are taken allowing us to see "into" the mole in very high resolution. These images are sent to Academic Dermatologists for review using our secure cloud server and a report is sent back. They render an opinion if the spot needs immediate attention by a physician, or if it can simply be monitored on a follow up screening. The images are also available to you on our free app for you to monitor. You can also share the images and report from the Academic Dermatologist with your doctor.

Our workstation - Your Doctor - Included

At your direction, DermDetect will provide your doctor with secure access to our powerful cloud workstation on their computer so that they can use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to improve your treatment options. We make it easy for your doctor to perform a "Double-Check" by using Smart-Snap, a feature on our app to take a dermoscopic image and then compare it to ours. If there are no changes, you may not need a surgical biopsy.

I get annual screenings and it only takes 15-20 minutes ~ Jessica Lee

The ASCS saved my life! As a busy 35-year-old dispatcher, my wife and I were shocked when the Dermographer found a melanoma on my back! 

~ Clifford Young

My company paid DermDetect to perform ASCS at work.  Our employees were screened during work hours and it took less than 20 minutes.

~ Robby McCullough

"Dermoscopy is considered to be the Gold Standard for assessment of pigmented skin lesions."

"In expert hands…..improves sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of melanoma."

Glud et al 2009

Sequential Digital Dermoscopic Imaging (SDDI) "Research has shown that SDDI allows for the early detection of still lack dermoscopic evidence of melanoma. SDDI has also been shown to reduce unnecessary biopsies and improve accuracy when used with short-term clinical monitoring of melanocytic nevi at 3-month intervals."

Hibler et al 2016

NIH CONCLUSION - "Recent technological advances in the cutaneous [SKIN] imaging and diagnosis of melanoma are promising " but:
"In the past the imaging techniques were inconvenient, Technician training and experience were not consistent, they did not result in
accurate reports delivered to the clinician in a time-efficient manner.

  • DermDetect's program addresses all of the NIH concerns:
  • TBP with SDDI with PACS transfer to Expert Dermatologist
  • Time: Only 15-20 minutes per exam
  • Location: Point of Convenience/Care
  • Accuracy: Double physician review for highest accuracy (Dermatologist and Primary Care)
  • Signed Expert Opinion: Dermatologist trained expert in Dermoscopy
  • Data Storage: Cloud-based PACS with 5 years for long term comparison to detect changes (SDDI)
  • Privacy: Government required HIPAA

I get the $99 FBI screening and when we see any suspicious spots on my annual screening, I use the APP to send the images to my Dermatologist as a Telemedicine consults.  The great news is my insurance pays for the telederm consult!  My Dermatologist gets paid $79 for the consult and then we share the Intelligent Dermatology report on our smartphones.  For 27 cents per day, I get screened every year!

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