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Anyone can get skin cancer!  Any age, gender, or skin color! Early detection of Melanoma is vital to your survival. Two people die every hour and they estimate a 7.7% increase this year!

When detected early, the five-year survival rate for melanoma is 98%.

Get your annual screening the same way you get your annual blood test.  Go to the doctor or out-patient lab with the better technology and experts that are able to identify skin cancer by looking at ultra-high-resolution images on powerful workstations.

100% noninvasive, 15-20 minutes. Ask your doctor about this new advancement in skin cancer imaging that has been adopted by all single-payer healthcare providers around the world.  Americans need to pay cash until we can prove to our insurance companies that they save money and lives.

DermDetect is collaborating with Oregon Health Science University/Knight Cancer Institute.  All of our Advanced Skin Cancer Screening are reviewed and color-coded by an academic dermatologist! Our Certified Dermographer will carefully examine your skin to look for skin cancer. High-resolution images are captured and then viewed on the DermEngine workstation. If there is anything that needs immediate attention from your local medical professional, there will be a Red spot visible on the 3D Avatar that you see on your smartphone or tablet. Click on that red spot to see the clinical and dermoscopy image. When you see your local medical professional, be sure to get a "Double-Check" or "Pre-biopsy check" "PBC. When you and your doctor perform the PBC, you compare the dermoscopy image from your ASCS to the image your doctor captures with you in their office. If there is no change, you may not need a biopsy! If there is change, you both will be able to see the changes together using the A.I. software from DermEngine. With "SmartSnap" we double the productivity for your doctor. PBC takes only minutes!

DermDetect will provide your doctor with access to our powerful workstation as part of your ASCS!  The medical term is SDDI and the literature says a 50% increase in early detection of melanoma and half as many unneeded biopsies!  We want to help all participants get the most from the ASCS!